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Welcome To EnidNeel.com! This is a place to put all the messy personal bits and bobs that don’t fit into neat little boxes.  I have several websites where I share tons of information with the world. I love to talk, with everyone, all the time. I will put links to each of my sites if you are interested. I have many hobbies and interests but I don’t have the time or energy to make a blog for each interest. All the oddball articles that I have written, as well as some poetry, musings, thoughts on politics and art as well as my thoughts on God and pets in heaven will all be found here!

So who is Enid Neel?

This site is a place to share all the messy topics in my life. You know politics, religion, music, culture, parenting and relationships. All the things that everyone thinks about, but no one likes to talk about. I believe that most people are good. And that they are smart enough to have a conversation with people who think differently, and be civil and kind. You don’t have to like what I like, or believe what I believe, for us to be friendly and enjoy a conversation. Life is boring if everything is the same color and flavor. Change it up!

So What?

Why should you care? You might not. But If you are interested in the mental meanderings of a middle-aged white woman who has been married to the same guy for over 25 yrs, who traveled the lower 48 for 5 years in a semi truck, raised 2 amazing kids, buried both her parents and her little brother, came from a blended family with many good memories, a few alcoholics and a lot of dysfunction…you are in the right place. I have had a good life, but it hasn’t been easy. And that’s OK. I think you really do appreciate things more, after some trials.

Wanna talk?

So I invite you to wander in grab a cup of coffee, and dive in! I’m sure you can find something to make you laugh. Something to make you cry. Something to make you sputter and something to make you blush! Stay a while and explore!

Here are the links to all my sites.  Feel free to come visit anytime.


TruckersWifeNow.com is a site devoted to the trucking industry and to all the men and women who spend their lives to keeping the tires turning on semi rucks everywhere. I married a truck driver over 25 years ago. We have supported our family while running trucks this entire time. I strive to provide resources for finding parts and information that is current. I also try to provide support and understanding for the families at home.


BeginPreppingNow.com is a site devoted to prepping for the rest of us. This is not a site for the zombie apocalypse or concrete bunkers. I believe that everyone should take responsibility for the safety and security of their homes, health and community. Most people want to get their affairs in order in case of an emergency, they just don’t know where to start. The internet can be a black hole of conspiracies and kooks in this area. I hope to provide information and confidence in the average joe. Prepping is do-able for everyone.


Adulting a2z.com is a site I’m doing for the kids I have met in recent years. As my sons have grown, I realize there is a lack of information about living in the real world. Many kids can navigate cyber space but not a wash machine. They can buy crypto currency, but they can’t open a bank account or file taxes. There is confidence that comes from being capable of taking care of yourself. And many kids don’t have that. I have visited with these kids and received a 2 page list of things they want to learn how to do, but are embarrassed to admit they don’t know how. That ought to keep me busy for a day or two!

As you can see, I am a well rounded person with some very diverse interests. Feel free to ask questions and make comments. I love to chat with people from every viewpoint. I will engage with anyone, as long as they are kind and civil. I have never seen shouting bring folks together. We may not agree, but we can always be kind in our dissent. We may find a common ground, or we may agree to disagree. I’m ok with either. Welcome!

All the best,

Enid Neel

Founder of EnidNeel.com


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