Here’s a Christian Prayer for Family

I made this pray from a bunch of scriptures. Praying for your family  is a great way to start the day, . Several friends were asking about it, so I decided to share.


I thank you, Father, that I am saved. I thank you that I am the person that Your Word says I am.

I am honest to myself and to others. I am patient. I am kind. I am slow to anger and quick to forgive. I am strong in mind and body. I am a good parent, raising my children by my example. I have placed a guard on my mouth; no mean, no vile, no careless word will escape my lips.

I will speak and think what is pure and good and godly. I will do what the Bible says do. I won’t do what the Bible says don’t do. My mind is open for the Word to soak into. I will meditate on the Word, night and day. I will not meditate or worry about things that I can not change or fix.

I give my problems over to God. I trust You to run my life better than I have. You said that if I seek first Your kingdom, Your heart, that ALL other things will be added. I commit to SEEK You today and forever. I have the wisdom and knowledge that comes from God and the Holy Spirit. I want Your work to be done in my life and my family. I lift up my spouse and my children. I ask for God’s touch on our lives this day. That we may be kind and wise and gentle and generous with each other and everyone we meet today. I rebuke Satan and ALL his devils from this family. We are under the authority of Jesus’ blood. No attack of his will gain access to us. We are rooted in God and His Word. We will NOT be moved. Everything in our lives will line up with God. What is not of God will wither and die. What is of God will be pruned back, to be more abundant. I ask that God blesses this family with divine health purchased with Jesus’ stripes, forgiveness given to us at calvary, and the family life that God intended for Adam and Eve. We are a strong family praying to a strong God, for a strong impact on all the people in our lives. We will shine with Jesus’ love without saying a word. People will be drawn to the light in our lives. We thank you that we ARE healthy, whole, debt free, and that everyone of our family and friends will KNOW Jesus, personally, and be with us in heaven.

We agree as a family, in Jesus’ name. AMEN and AMEN!


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