If I Had Extra Money…

I have heard many people say “If I had a million dollars, I’d…”  and that sentence is usually finished with pay bills, go on vacation, buy a new car, etc. Very few people every say ” build a orphanage, dig a well, give my neighbor a new roof,etc” .  But I believe when you start looking for ways to bless others, you will find them, and most won’t cost a million dollars.   Individuals need to start looking outside of ourselves, our comfort zone, our kids and start SEEING the need around us.  Our world is dying, and government programs won’t fix it…people helping their family, and friends and the guy down the block WILL.
God has given us eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to do and a heart to understand.  We need to stop listening to the clatter of advertisers and gurus and experts…and start listening to that still small voice God planted in every man’s heart.  We ,as a people, have become disillusioned.  All the problems seem too big.  We feel like one person can’t change the world.  I heard a preacher give this illustration…He said,”When I was a young man felt God’s pull on my heart.  He broke my heart for all the suffering I see…but I’m just one man.  I become overwhelmed and weary trying to do everything for everyone.  Then I realized while God may soften my heart towards all the people who drown in the ocean, He only calls me to watch over the stretch of beach in front of me.”Just let those words soak in…
If each of us would take care of the beach in front of us…the whole coast would be safe…IF.
I know that I fail at this.  I am busy with my family and my life and my job.  The days run by, and I haven’t called my auntie or stopped in to see the neighbor.  I have a friend and our families really enjoy getting together for dinner and game night.  We say we’re gonna do it monthly.  It’s been almost a year, since the last one.  No one should be that busy, for that long.So I am taking steps to change this pattern in my life.  It is not a quick fix…but it is genuine.  I will tell you the things I’m doing

  • I am seeking God.  I believe that God is love, light, truth and wisdom…seems like the best place to start.  So I am getting scripture into my ears and my heart.  So my steps are ordered by God, not just me scurrying around being busy.
  • Meet some people who need.  I found a gal who’s kids have special needs, and another who lost her home and was living in her car with 2 kids and everything she had left.  When I came home and looked around…I have a lot more than I need to be happy.
  • Learn to shift your focus.  Don’t go through your house saying ” Will so-n-so be impressed? ”  Go through saying “What is really important to me?”
  • I am decluttering my house.  First I get rid of the garbage in a room(old newspapers and empty boxes).  Then, I get rid of things I don’t need.  If I have two or more, I keep my favorite and get rid of the rest.  Then I organize and clean the room.  When I have made it through each room.  I pray  and start over.  You would be amazed at how much stuff is in your house, simply because you are too busy to get rid of it.
  • I am looking around.  I didn’t realize how much need was in my circle.  Do you SEE your neighbor who is sooo stressed and needs a friend to talk to .  Do you SEE your kid’s friend who’s family is falling apart, who needs a safe adult to look up to?  Do you SEE the clerk who needs a kind word and a smile?  Get your eyes off your phone and on the world around you.  People need you, in the real world.  No one needs you to catch sparkling fruit or farming giraffes or whatever.  

Now is the perfect time to start.  Everyone can look at their homes with a critical eye. Start giving stuff to someone who really needs it.  I found my life is so much easier when I look at the cupboards, keep what fits in them well and get rid of the rest.  I don’t put it storage, I give it to someone who needs one.  If I need a new one later, God will provide it.  I am trusting in God more, and my ability to hoard less.

This was the process that brought me to ‘If I had extra money‘.  As I started to say I would love to do_________  if I had extra dollars.  And some of them are great ideas( if I do say).  But I don’t have a million dollars extra.  But there are people out there who might have some money that they want to use for something, but they aren’t sure what.  So I am sharing the ideas I have in hopes that they will inspire you to see the needs in your life and do what you can.  I would also love for you guys to share your ideas.  If you see a need, and want to share your solution, feel free to leave it in the comments.  There are lots of great ideas for projects that take time, talent, resources, or money.  Let’s get some ideas flowing here.


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