The Glory of War

I wrote this after watching the movie “Glory”.

Men speak of the ‘Glory of War’.

There is no glory in war.

War is messy and gruesome.

There is loss and death.

War is declared by politicians,

  drawn up by generals,

  and carried out on the backs of soldiers.

There is no glory in this.

War is hell.

But there is a glory in standing…

When you stand for what you believe, what you love.

There is a glory in that.

There is a warrior pride in standing against a foe who would destroy what you love.

Knowing you may die…but standing to defend your beloved.

To die defending something you can’t survive without.

There is glory and honor in that.

But it is a grizzly honor indeed.

People who will stand in the gap to defend you deserve the highest honor.

IF you don’t honor those who defend you, you are without honor…a shell.

For seeing the sacrifices they make, giving pieces of flesh and soul to defend you…

How can you do less for them?

How can you not give dignity and respect to those who have given up their family life,

So your family can live in peace? 

True sacrifice demands honor…truly.

There is glory in that.

By Enid Neel  6/27/13



  1. Enid, this poem says it all. Those responsible rarely get involved in the war front. The very few I have heard about have probably pissed off some higher up and this is the revenge and then they take it out on the ‘grunts’. It made for very hard feelings and tended to destroy teamwork.

    Not many generals seem to be physically attending these conflicts they are dictating. The front line can see alternatives but have no say in the required actions. This always seems so short sighted to me.

    Thanks for the read.

    • Thanks for your words, I love our soldiers. I pray for the day when they can relax and enjoy life.

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